Analysis of Asset Allocation


Analysis of Asset Allocation - Portfolio Management and Financial Tutorial

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management are the process of determining optimal allocations for the broad categories of assets (such as Stocks, Bonds, Cash, Real Estate, ...) that suits your investment time horizon and risk tolerance... Read more 
The Black and Scholes model can be used to estimate European Style options. To compute the premium with this model... Read more
Financial Tutorial organized by subject - Full Index

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management
 Alpha and Beta Examples of Asset Allocation, Risk Measurement, Tool, Old Version, ...

  Investment strategies, Rating, Yield Calculation, Yield Curve, Yield to Maturity, New version...

Greeks and Risks, Pricing ModelsBlack & Scholes Model, ...

Financial Directory

Stock quotes

Financial Dictionary & Glossary
Debenture, monopsony, ...

Futures PricesMargins, Swaps, ...

Shares - Stocks
Chart Patterns, Fundamental AnalysisJapanese candlestick, Oscillators, Technical Analysis, ...

Corporate Finance and Company Valuation

Financial Leverage 

Statistics Tutorial
Correlation, Regression, ...

Free Financial Tools 
Index, Compute Your Asset Allocation, Currency ConverterCompute Options' Premium, Implied Volatility.


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Tools to optimize your portfolio
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management
  • Estimate your optimal asset allocation based on your risk profile. Click here.


  • Compute options' premium with our Balck and Scholes calculator and ... perform a sensibility analysis (Greeks). Click here.
  • Estimate current market volatility based on Black and Scholes model. Click here.


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