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Fundamental Analysis: Attributes of a winning stock
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Let's finish this introduction to the fundamental analysis by reviewing the list of Merck's five key winning attributes of a good quality company.

  1. Increase shareholder value.
    This reflects the ability of the company to make money.
  2. Market niche leadership.
    This reflects the ability  to get and keep talent people to keep or strengthen a leading position in its market niche.
  3. Sales growth with enduring products.
    Here Merck focus on the quality of the products the company delivers (except if it is a consumer-type company).
  4. Freedom to grow.
    This must be internally but also outside (regulatory climate).
  5. More Unpopular - More Potential.
    This reflects that we must do our best to pick up a stock before the other investments. The idea behind is to invest preferably in a les recognized stock because  the more popular the stock is, the more efficient the market price is. This reduces the upside potential of the stock.
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