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Shares - An introduction
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A share represents a participation in the capital of a company. A shareholder is in theory a partner in the company. It gives him the rights, proportionally to his holdings,  to participate in the management of the company, to receive the profits and to dispose of the net assets of the company.

The above definition describes only the general principles and the effective rights of the shareholder depends of share's type.

The shareholder exercises his rights through the general meetings of the company by appointing or revoking the management, the supervisory board, and/or other bodies.


In recent years, a lot of individual investors have become disillusioned with the stock market. They often fear its increased volatility, the influences of corporate raiders and insider trading, and the overwhelming presence of mammoth investment institutions.

For many the stock market has become a place where common sense has been supplanted by irrational price movements.

But behind this smokescreen, we strongly believe that the stock market is still a market of stocks and that quality companies that are undervalued can still by bought and held to produce above average profits.

By presenting some techniques, we will try to prove you that success in the stock market is much more of common sense and discipline than of guru's insight.


Under the assumption that picking up a stock is something else than participating to a lottery, two main schools of stock market analysis have taken shape: fundamental and technical. We will not try to convince you that one is better than the other but well to present them. As already said, investing successfully in the stock market is a question of discipline and we believe that you should build your own methodology based on the two schools.


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