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Oscillators: Momentum%
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The momentum% is very closed to the momentum. it's compute like a normal momentum that you divide by the highest absolute value to have the momentum in the range -1/+1 or -100%/+100%.

Pt today's price.
Pt-n the price at the date t-n

The momentum is:

MOt = Pt - Pt-n

if MOmax the highest absolute value of the momentum.

The momentum% is:

MO%t = MOt MOmax

Lags used are the same as the ones used for the momentum (5, 10, 20, 25 and 28 days).


The interpretation is exactly the same as the one for the momentum.

The purchase signal is given by the momentum% when it changes from a negative value to a positive and the sale signal when it's from positive to negative.

Graph Example: Momentum%

On the upper side of the graph you see the price line and the 100 days moving average. The momentum 10 days is in the bottom side of the graph. The 0 level is indicated by the green line. 

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