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Oscillators: ROC (RATE OF CHANGE)
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The ROC (Rate Of Change) is also close to the momentum and the momentum%. It represents the momentum in percentage of fluctuation.

Pt today's price.
Pt-n the price n days before.

The ROC is:

ROCt = {(Pt - Pt-n) / Pt-n}%

The difference with the momentum% is that the ROC can have any value (unlike the momentum% that is always between +/- 100%).


The ROC line is very closed to the momentum(%) line. His interpretation is the same. The purchase signal is given by the momentum when it changes from a negative value to a positive and the sale signal when it's from positive to negative.

Graph Example: ROC

The ROC15 is drawn on the bottom graph. The ROC gives us an indication of the speed of fluctuation of the prices.

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