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amortization - the process of repaying a debt by installments; in company accounts the systematic write-off of costs incurred to acquire an asset (to amortize).

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (GB) or Annual Stockholders Meeting (US) - a yearly meeting to which companies have to invite all shareholders.

annual report - sent by all publicly quoted (US: listed) companies to their shareholders after each financial year (before the AGM).

annuity insurance - a life assurance contract in which the insurer pays a fixed sum of money annually, usually in return for a single cash premium

annuity system of depreciation - spreads the cost of an asset equally over several years and charges this, and an amount representing the interest on current value, each year.

Anti-trust laws - legislation (especially in the US) to prevent commercial and industrial companies forming large, potentially monopolistic combinations.

appreciate - to increase in price or value.

appreciation - an increase in the value of an asset.

arbitrage - the simultaneous buying and selling of the same asset (currency, security,) in different markets to profit from rate differentials.

arbitrageur - person who buys and sells currencies for profit; a person who buys stakes in companies involved (or expected to be involved) in takeover bids.

arrears - money owed that should already have been paid, e.g. rent, taxes, subscriptions, etc.

Articles of Association (GB) or Bylaws (US) - the rules and regulations of a company, setting out shareholders' rights, directors' duties, etc.

artificial person - a company or corporation, which according to law has an existence separate from the actual persons who run and own it.

asset - anything of value owned by a business that can be used to produce goods, pay liabilities, etc.; often used in the plural assets.

asset-stripping - buying a poorly performing or under-valued company and then selling off the assets at a profit.

asset turnover - the ratio of a company's net sales to its average assets.

asset value per share - the total book-value of all a company's assets divided by the number of ordinary shares issued.



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