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assurance - contract guaranteeing payment of a fixed sum upon the occurrence of a specified event (typically, life assurance, with the sum payable on death or retirement).

auction - (verb and noun) a way of selling at a public meeting in which each item is sold to whoever makes the highest bid.

audit - (verb and noun) an inspection (or check for accuracy) and an evaluation of financial records by a second set of accountants (called auditors).

audit report - written by the external auditors, declares that the annual financial statements present a true and fair view or a fair presentation of the company's situation.

austerity - economic situation when policies designed to reduce inflation, imports, government spending, etc. are in operation.

autarky - total self-sufficiency and the consequent absence of foreign trade.

authorized share capital (GB) or authorized capital stock (US) - the maximum amount of a particular type of share a company can issue, as stipulated in the Memorandum of Association (or Certificate of Incorporation).

available assets - see liquid assets.

average cost - the sum of variable and fixed costs divided by the number of units produced.

backward integration - when a company takes over or acquires its suppliers of raw materials or components.

bad debts - amounts of debtors (GB) or accounts receivable (US) that are never likely to be paid.

bail out - to rescue a person or organization in financial difficulties by providing money.

balance - the amount of money (or the size of the deficit) in an account at a particular time; an amount of money remaining to be paid.

balance of payments - the difference between what a country pays for its imports and receives for its exports.

balance of trade - the difference between the money values of a country's visible imports and exports.

balance sheet - financial statement which shows a company's financial condition (amount of debits and credits) on the last day of an accounting period.



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