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Most professional investors use the fundamental analysis to pick up a stock: why not you?

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bank - (verb) to have an account with a bank.

bank account - an arrangement with a bank to deposit and withdraw money, settle bills, etc.

banker's draft - a document guaranteeing payment by a bank (often used instead of cheques to pay bills in foreign currencies).

banker's order - see standing order.

bank holiday - in Britain, public holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.); in the US, when the government temporarily closes a bank to prevent panic (a run on the bank)

bank loan - a fixed sum of money, lent for a fixed period, on which interest is paid.

banknote - a piece of paper money, issued by a (central) bank.

bankruptcy - the state of being bankrupt or insolvent: unable to pay debts.

bank statement - a record of all transactions (credits and debits) in a bank account during a particular period.

barometer stock (GB) or bellwether stock (US) - a widely-held stock that can be considered as an indicator of present and future market performance.

barriers to entry - factors which prevent or deter new producers from entering an industry.

barter or counter-trade - the exchange of one good for another, without the use of money.

base rate (GB) or prime rate (US) - the lowest lending rate, which banks charge blue chip borrowers.

basket of currencies - a weighted average of a selection of different currencies used by the IMF for Special Drawing Rights.

bear - (verb) to support or carry a risk, a responsibility, etc.

bear - a person who sells shares hoping to buy them back at a lower price before the next account or settlement day.

bearer share - a share made out to whoever possesses it, without the owner's name being written on it.

bear market - a period during which stock market or currency prices are falling.

bear spread - an options strategy designed to profit from a fall in the price of a security or commodity.

bellwether stock - sec barometer stock.



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