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below par - describes a bond or other fixed interest security whose market value is lower than its face value.

below the line - extraordinary items placed below the net profit figure in a profit and loss account or income statement.

bid - (to make) an offer to buy something at a particular price.

bill - a statement of money owed for goods or services; (US) a banknote.

bill of exchange or commercial bill - a written order instructing someone (usually an importer) to pay someone else (usually an exporter) a certain sum on a given date.

bill of lading - document giving title to goods that acts as a receipt and a contract to ship them, and can be used by shippers as security when discounting bills of exchange.

black market - goods or currencies sold illegally.

blue chip - a security in a company considered to be virtually without risk.

bond - an interest-bearing security, redeemed after a fixed period.

bonus - something extra, usually a payment, as a reward for good work, or for undertaking a dangerous or unpleasant job.

bonus issue or scrip issue or capitalisation issue - British names for new shares issued to shareholders instead of a dividend.

bookkeeping or book-keeping - recording financial data by writing down the details of transactions.

book value - the worth of an asset as recorded in a company's accounts.

boom - a period when demand is rising, and an economy is working close to capacity.

boost (an economy) - to expand it by fiscal policies: increased government spending or decreased taxation.

borrow - to receive money that will later have to be paid back (usually plus interest).

bottom line - the net profit or net income line on a profit and loss account or income statement.

bought deal - an arrangement by which a merchant bank or investment bank finds buyers for bonds before they are even offered for sale.

branch - a local office or shop of a business.

breakdown - an analysis or classification of something (e.g. costs) into component parts.

breakeven point - sales volume at which a company covers its costs.



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