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Bretton Woods Agreement - pegged or fixed the value of many currencies against the US$, which was pegged against the price of gold (1944-1971).

bridging loan (GB) or bridge loan (US) - a loan for a short period, covering the time between needing to spend money and receiving money that is due.

broker - an agent in a particular market, such as securities, commodities, insurance, etc.

bubble - a period during which speculative investors buy shares, pushing their prices up to unsustainable levels.

budget - a financial operating plan showing expected income and expenditure.

building society - an organization that receives deposits and lends money as mortgages to homebuyers.

bull - person who buys securities expecting their price to rise so that he or she can resell them before the next account day.

bullion - gold bars (or silver or other precious metals), often part of batiks' reserves.

bull market - a period during which stock market or currency prices are rising.

bull spread - an option strategy that speculates on a rise in the price of a security or commodity.

burden rate - the rate at which indirect costs are allocated to specific products, processes or departments.

business - trade and commerce in general; or an organization that makes or buys and sells goods or provides a service.

business market - sec industrial market.

buyout - see leveraged buyout and management buyout.

Bylaws - see Articles of Association.

calendar spread - involves buying and selling options on the same security with different maturities.

called-up capital - the amount of money a company has when shareholders have only paid for part of the total share capital that bas been issued.

call option - the right to buy a fixed quantity of a commodity, security or currency at a certain price on a certain future date.

cambist - a dealer in foreign currencies and bills of exchange.

cap or ceiling - the upper limit of a floating interest rate.



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