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currency swap - an exchange of one currency for another between two borrowers in different countries.

current account (GB) or checking account (US) - bank account which pays no or little interest, but allows the holder to withdraw his or her cash with no restrictions

current assets or circulating assets or floating assets - those which will be consumed or turned into cash in the ordinary course of business.

current cost accounting or replacement cost accounting - values assets (and related expenses like depreciation) at the price that would have to be paid to replace them today.

current liabilities or current debt - arc usually (arbitrarily) defined as debts to be paid within one year of the date of the financial statement.

current ratio or working capital ratio - measures liquidity, and is current assets divided by current liabilities.

current revenue pricing - maximizing current (short-term) sales revenue.

current value - the actual value of an asset, as opposed to its historical price.

current yield - the income from a security expressed as a percentage of its present market price.

customer - person (or company) that buys a product or service from a shop or a producer.

customs duties - taxes charged on most imports (except in customs unions or free trade areas like the European Union and NAFTA).

cyclical surplus or deficit - is caused by the business cycle (e.g. changes in tax revenues), rather than by deliberate government policy.

cyclical unemployment - occurs during recessions, when the demand for labor declines.

dawn raid - an attempt to acquire a large number of a company's shares by buying through several brokers just as the market opens.

deal - an agreement to buy or sell goods or provide a service; to trade (buy or sell) something, e.g. securities, foreign currencies.

dealer - a person who buys and resells merchandise or services to make a profit.

debenture - a fixed interest loan issued by a company and (in Britain) secured by its assets.

debit - an amount entered on the left-hand (debtor) side of an account; to make such an entry.



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