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discounted cash flow - a method of calculating how profitable an investment will be, by looking at the amount paid, the interest earned, and the degree of risk taken.

discount houses - banks in London that buy (at a discount) and resell both traders' bills of exchange and short-term government securities.

discount rate - the interest rate at which central banks discount government and other sure debt instruments from commercial banks; the rate at which they lend to commercial banks with such instruments as collateral.

disinflation - government policy designed to slow down price inflation.

disposable income - the amount of money that a person has left after paying taxes, compulsory insurance contributions, etc.

distribution - in economics, refers to the division of a community's income among its members; in marketing, moving goods to outlets where they are sold.

distribution channel - all the companies or individuals involved in moving a particular good or service from the producer to the final consumer.

distributor - person or organization that stocks and resells components or goods to manufacturers or retailers.

diversification - moving into new markets or activities so as to reduce or spread risks, often by buying other companies in different fields.

divest - to sell assets or subsidiary companies.

dividend - a share in the annual profits of a limited company, paid to shareholders.

dividend payout ratio - expresses the percentage of income paid out to shareholders.

domestic - of or inside a particular country (in economics); of or inside the home.

double-entry bookkeeping - records the dual effect of every transaction: a value both received and paid.

double time - double pay received for working overtime, usually on Sundays and public holidays.

downturn - the end of a boom, when an economy starts to contract.

drawing rights - loans in foreign currencies that come from the quota a country has contributed to the International Monetary Fund.

dual currency bonds - are denominated in, and pay interest in, one currency, but are ultimately redeemed in another.



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