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Japanese candlesticks are also applicable to equity analysis: click here to know more.

All information are subject to terms of use

employer - person or organization who employs people who work for money.

endogenous - coming from or controlled from within, e.g. variables that are totally under the control of a company or a government.

end-user - see consumer.

enterprise - an informal term for a business organization; and the act of taking risks and setting up businesses.

entrepreneur - person who organizes, finances and manages a business that produces and sells goods or services.

equilibrium - a state of balance, such as when supply meets demand.

equity financing - involves issuing stock or shares (equities) that will normally pay dividend but need never be repaid.

Eurocurrency - any currency held outside its country of origin, bought and sold on Euromarkets (typically, the Yen, the Dollar, the Swiss Franc and the Euro).

ex dividend - means that a shareholder buying the share now will not receive the next dividend payment.

exchange controls - limits on the amount of a country's currency that residents can exchange for another.

exchange rate - the price at which one currency can be exchanged for another one.

excise duties - taxes raised on certain products, particularly tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

exercise price or strike price of an option - the price at which the holder may buy or sell the underlying security.

exogenous - uncontrollable variables.

expansion - act of getting bigger, like an economy during a boom.

export - to sell goods or services to another country; something sold to another country.

external audit - a review of financial statements and accounting records by an accountant not belonging to the firm.

externalities - costs imposed on others without their receiving compensation, or benefits received by others without their paying the proper costs.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) - a meeting that a company's directors may call if they need to consult shareholders over matters that cannot wait for the -next AGM.



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