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fixed assets or capital assets or permanent assets - items such as land, buildings, machines, etc., belonging to a business, which are expected to last for a long time, and cannot be sold or turned into cash, as they are used for making and selling the firm's products.

fixed costs - those which do not vary according to the volume produced

  fixed exchange rate - a rate that cannot change, whatever the pressures of supply and demand.

flat yield or running yield - the amount of interest received from an investment expressed as a percentage of the price paid, disregarding any profit or loss made at redemption.

flexible - (of prices, etc.) able to change according to supply and demand

float (a company) - to issue shares (offer them for sale to the public) for the first time.

floating - (used for exchange rates, interest rates, etc.) able to change according to supply and demand.

floating assets - see current assets.

floating (or variable) rate note - a bond that pays interest according to current market rates.

floor - the lower limit of a floating interest rate.

flow of funds - cash received and payments made by a company during a specific period.

fluctuate - to go up and down, rise and fall.

Footsie - popular name for the Financial Times-Stock Exchange (FT-SE) 100 Share Index, recording the average value of the 100 leading British shares.

foreign exchange - currency of countries other than one's own.

forward integration - consists of a company acquiring control of its distribution systems.

forward market - over-the-counter futures deals for non-standardized quantifies or time periods, e.g. for currencies or commodities.

founders - the people who set up or establish a company.

franchise - a license giving someone an exclusive right to manufacture or sell certain products in a certain area; (the person who sells the license is the franchiser; the person who buys it is the franchises).

fraud - deceiving someone to obtain goods or money dishonestly.

free enterprise - economic system in which anyone can attempt to raise capital, form a business, and offer goods or services.



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