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freely floating or clean floating exchange rate - one that is determined entirely by supply and demand.

free market - one in which prices rise and fall according to supply and demand, with no governmental intervention.

free trade - situation where there are no restrictions (tariffs, quotas, etc.) on imports and exports of goods.

freeze - a fixing of prices, wages, rents, etc. at current levels.

frictional unemployment - temporary unemployment that arises when people voluntarily leave a job to look for another one.

friendly takeover - a takeover which is not contested by a company's board of directors.

FT Index - or the Financial Times Ordinary Share Index, is based on 30 leading industrial and commercial shares.

FT-SE 100 Share Index - see Footsie.

full costing or absorption costing - the allocation of all fixed and variable costs relating to production in the calculation of the price of goods or services.

full employment - the situation in which everyone looking for work is able to find it.

full-disclosure principle - requires that financial reporting should include all significant information.

fund - to provide money for a specific purpose; an amount of money saved for a specific purpose.

funds - see working capital.

funds flow statement or source and application of funds - a statement of changes in financial position detailing the causes of flows of resources into and out of a company.

futures contract - an arrangement to buy or sell a commodity or currency or financial instrument at an agreed price at a future date.

futures market - a market in which futures contracts for certain commodities are agreed.

galloping inflation - inflation in two or three digits (e.g. 30, 60 or 100%).

GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, designed to reduce protectionism and increase international trade, succeeded in 1994 by the World Trade Organization.

gearing or leverage or proprietary ratio - the ratio between a company's share capital and its debt (bonds, debentures, bank loans).



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