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You can use leverage techniques to increase the return of your portfolio: definitions and dangers.

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general equilibrium - a hypothetical state of balance in all the markets which make up an economy (supply and demand of goods, labor, capital, etc.).

gilts or gilt-edged stock - long-term bonds issued by the British government

Glass-Steagall Act - in the US (like "Article 65" in Japan) enforced a strict separation between commercial banks and investment banks or stockbroking firms

GNP (gross national product) - the money value of all the final goods and services produced in a country in a year, plus income from foreign investments (which is excluded in GDP or gross domestic product).

GNP gap - the difference between real and potential GNP, if the economy is working at less than full employment (or the "natural rate of employment").

Going-concern assomption - see continuity principle.

going rate pricing - following the lead of competitors and setting the same price as them.

golden handcuffs - large payments (e.g. in the form of a low interest loan) made to important employees to prevent them leaving the company.

golden handshake - large sum of money paid as compensation to someone who is obliged to leave a job or retire early.

golden parachute - an agreement to pay a large sum of money to senior employees if they lose their jobs, for example after a takeover.

gold standard or gold convertibility - a system whereby a currency could be exchanged for a fixed amount of gold (until the 1970s).

goods on hand - sec merchandise inventory.

goodwill - the value to an established firm of its loyal customers, skilled staff and management; the value of a firm above its net asset value.

greenmail - blackmail by way of dollars ( "greenbacks"); buying a stake in a company, threatening to take it over, and then offering to sell the shares back at a profit.

gross profit - net profit before depreciation and interest are deducted.

gross yield of an investment - the percentage return before income tax is paid.

growth - getting bigger, by increasing sales or markets, or acquiring other companies, etc.

growth share or stock - one that is expected to appreciate in capital value.



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