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inflation - a rise in the general level of prices, and an increase in the money supply.

inflationary - causing inflation.

inflation rate - the percentage amount that prices (e.g. the retail price index) are higher than a year previously.

infrastructure - services such as roads, railways, electricity, telephones, etc.

inheritance tax or capital transfer tax - a tax on gifts and inheritances.

innovation - the development of new products, services, etc.

inputs - see factors of production.

insider - person who occupies a position of trust within a company and possesses information not known to the public.

insider dealing - buying or selling shares when in possession of privileged information that affects the price (e.g. while working for the company or an investment bank).

insolvent - (adjective) unable to pay debts (the noun is insolvency).

installments - regular part payments of debts, etc.

installment credit - see hire purchase.

institutional investors - pension funds, insurance companies, investment trusts, etc., which hold a large proportion of the shares of leading companies.

insurance - the provision of financial protection for property, life, health, etc. against specified risks (accident, fire, theft, loss, damage, death, etc.)

insurance agent - person who sells insurance policies, for a single insurance company, in return for a commission.

insurance broker - a middleman or agent who negotiates insurance contracts for customers, using different companies.

insurance policy - a contract between a customer and an insurance company, which will pay for particular losses or damage in return for one or more payments, known as premiums.

intangible assets - those whose value can only be quantified or turned into cash with difficulty (e.g. goodwill, parents, copyrights, trade marks).

integration - the situation when more than one company choose to join or work together.

integrative growth - extension by way of backward, forward or horizontal integration.



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