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marginal propensity to consume - the proportion of additional disposable income that is spent on additional consumption.

marginal propensity to save - the proportion of additional disposable income that people choose to save.

marginal revenue - the change in total revenue resulting from increasing sales by one unit.

marginal utility - the additional satisfaction derived from consuming a further unit of a commodity.

marine insurance - protects ships and their cargoes against loss or damage.

market - the total demand for a good; the set of all actual and potential buyers of a good or service; the place where people buy and sell; the process by which buyers and sellers of goods, services and factors of production interact to determine prices and quantifies.

market/book ratio - a company's stock market value relative to the amount invested by shareholders.

market challenger - the company with the second-largest market share.

market economy - one in which prices and quantifies are determined by supply and demand.

market failures - situations in which free competition and the effects of supply and demand do not operate (e.g. monopolies and oligopolies, and externalities).

market follower - a small company in a market, which presents no threat to the market leader.

market leader - the company with the largest market share.

market-makers - wholesalers in stocks and shares who make a market (obliged to deal in all circumstances with brokers).

market price - the price of a share quoted at any given time on the stock exchange; the current price of a commodity, product, service, etc. in a competitive market.

market price equilibrium - the price at which the amount that buyers wish to buy equals the amount that sellers wish to sell.

market standing - a company's position in a market - whether it is the leader, a close challenger, or one of many market followers.

market value - how much an asset would be worth if sold today.

mark-up pricing - see cost-plus pricing.



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