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matching principle - the revenues generated in an accounting period are identified with related costs, whenever they were incurred.

mature - to become due for payment.

maturity - the date when the principal of a redeemable security (a loan, a bond, etc.) becomes repayable.

McFadden Act - in the USA, restricts commercial banks to operating in only one state.

medium term financing - matures within one to five years.

Memorandum of Association (GB) or Certificate of Incorporation (US) - the document drawn up by a company's founders stating its name, purpose, registered office or premises and authorized share capital.

mercantilism - the attempt to increase national wealth by building up a huge trade surplus, by exporting more than the country imports.

merchandise inventory or goods on hand - includes raw materials and goods in process as well as unsold finished goods.

merchandise trade - American name for what the British call visible trade- trade in goods.

merchant - person who buys (and takes possession of) goods, and sells them on his or her own account.

merchant banks - (in Britain) specialize in raising capital for industry, financing international trade, issuing securities, etc.

merge - to combine with another company.

microeconomics - concerns the economic factors affecting individual consumers and companies.

middlemen - a general term for agents, brokers, merchants, wholesalers, retailers, etc.

minimum wage - the lowest wage rate that any employer can legally pay, set by the government.

minority interest - a shareholding in a company of which over 50% is owned by a holding company.

mixed economy - one with both private and public sectors.

mobility of labor - the degree to which workers are willing (or able) to move from one location or occupation to another.

monetarism - the theory that prices and economic activity generally are determined by the quantity of money in circulation.

monetary - relating to money or currency.



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