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money - a means of payment, especially coins and banknotes, although some definitions also include bank deposits, checks, etc. (see MO, Ml, etc.)

money market - the inter-bank market in short-term instruments such as treasury bills, bills of exchange, etc.

money market fund - a fund that offers investors higher interest than normal deposit accounts in banks.

money stock - the amount of money in circulation in an economy.

money supply - the money stock multiplied by its velocity (the number of times it is spent in a given period).

money supply targets - limits to the growth of the money supply, set by governments following monetarist theory.

monopolistic competition - situation in which there are only a few sellers.

monopoly - situation in which there is only one seller of a product or service.

monopsony - a buyers' monopoly, a situation in which there is only one buyer.

moonlighting - working in a second job (perhaps in the evening, under the light of the moon) that is not declared to the tax authorities.

mortgage - a loan, usually to buy property, which serves as security for the loan; to take out a loan with a property as security.

most favored nation clause in the GATT - means precisely that there must not be one - countries must offer the same conditions to all trading partners.

multiple pricing - see demand-differential pricing.

multiplier - the number of times an increase in government spending or investment increases GNP due to secondary consumption.

mutual funds - see unit trusts.

NAIRU or non-accelerating-inflation rate of unemployment - another name for the natural rate of unemployment.

national debt - the total amount of money borrowed by a government and its predecessors, on which it has to pay interest.

nationalized industry - one owned by the government, for economic, social or strategic reasons.

natural monopoly - a monopoly in a market or field in which it would not be practical to have competition.



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