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off-balance-sheet transactions - financial business that need not be registered as loans on a balance sheet.

offer - a bid; an amount offered; to propose something that can be accepted or refused.

offshore banking - transactions by non-residents in foreign currencies in -tax havens such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, etc.

off-the-shelf company - a ready-made company that can be bought from an agent, i.e. a company formed and held specifically for later resale.

oil crisis - the situation for petrol-importing countries when the producing countries dramatically increased the price (in 1973 and 1979).

oligopoly - the situation in a market where there are only a small number of large suppliers.

oligopsony - the situation in a market where there are only a limited number of buyers.

operating margin - operating profit before the payment of interest and taxes divided by sales.

operating profit or loss - net amount before adding or subtracting extraordinary items.

opportunity cost - the amount that a factor of production could have earned if put to another use.

option - the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a fixed quantity of a commodity, currency or security at a fixed price on or until a particular date.

ordinary shares (GB) or common stock (US) - fixed units of a company's share capital that usually pay a dividend and have voting rights.

organized labor - workers combined in trade unions (,GB) or labor unions (US).

outlay - an amount of money spent on a particular project.

outlet - a place where goods are sold to the public - a shop, store, kiosk, market stall, etc.

out-of-the-money - call options with an exercise price higher than the share's current market price; put options with an exercise price lower than the share's market price.

output - the total value of the goods produced or services performed (by a person, a company, an industry, or a whole country).

outstanding - of a debt: unpaid, remaining to be paid; of a person or other entity: remarkable, excellent, superior, etc.



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