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quote - to calculate and offer a price for something, a legally-binding estimate.

quoted company - see listed company.

raider - person or company that tries to obtain control of another company by buying its shares on the stock market.

raise - to make something rise or increase (e.g. prices, tax rates); or to obtain capital.

rally - an increase in stock prices, after a fall (to rally - to rise after a fall).

rate of return - the amount of profit, interest or dividend received from an investment, expressed as a percentage.

ratio - the relation between two quantifies expressed as the number of times one is greater than the other.

rational expectations - the belief that people's expectations compensate for, and render useless, interventionist government policy.

rationalize - to eliminate unnecessary employees, equipment, processes, etc. from a company or factory to make it more efficient.

raw materials - minerals, metals, agricultural goods, etc. extracted from the ground and used in industry.

real estate - US term for land and buildings; the British term is property.

real GNP - nominal gross national product divided by the price index, to allow for inflation.

rebate - part of a payment that is given back (e.g. from taxes).

receipt - a document showing that money has been paid or goods received.

receivables - see accounts receivable.

receiver - see liquidator.

receivership - see liquidation.

recession - a period during which economic activity (spending, investment) falls, and unemployment rises.

recommended price - the price the manufacturer communicates to retailers, but which they are free to disregard.

recovery - an increase in economic activity after a recession, or a rise in share prices.

redeem - to repay a bond, debenture, mortgage, etc.

redemption yield or maturity yield - the amount of income received from a fixed interest security, including interest and its repayment value, expressed as a percentage of its current market price.



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