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reducing balance or declining balance or diminishing balance method of depreciation - writes off the same percentage (but consequently a smaller amount) of an asset's value each year.

redundancy - the state of no longer being needed by an employer.

reflation - government policy designed to increase economic activity, by increasing the money supply, or reducing taxation or interest rates.

refund - money given back, usually because goods are defective.

registered share - one made out in the name of the owner, Who is entered on the company's share register.

Registrar of Companies - compiles companies' Memoranda and Articles of Association, and annual financial statements.

regressive taxation - makes poorer people pay a greater proportion of their income in tax than the rich.

regulation - governmental control of business, concerning safety, minimum wages, etc.

reimburse - to repay or pay back money to someone.

reinsurance - the sharing of large risks among two or more insurers.

remuneration - payment for work or services; another word for a salary. rent - money paid for (or income received from) the use of land or buildings.

repayment - partial settlement of a debt (perhaps at monthly or quarterly intervals).

reschedule - to increase the duration of a loan, to delay the time when it has to be paid back.

research and development (R&D) - the search for new and improved products and processes.

reserve assets of a batik - cash, deposits held by the central bank, Treasury bills, and other discountable securities.

reserve currency - a relatively stable currency held by central banks that can bc used in international trade, e.g. US$, Euro, Yen.

reserve requirements - the amount of money commercial banks are obliged to deposit with the central bank.

reserves - money set aside out of profits, rather than distributed to shareholders; a central bank's holdings of gold, foreign currencies, and IMF drawing rights.

residual unemployment - affects people who can be described as "unemployable".



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