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resources - available stocks of raw materials, money, labor and other assets that a company can put to use.

results - the profit (or loss) made by a company.

retail banking - commercial banks' dealings with individual customers and small businesses.

retailer - a merchant such as a shopkeeper who sells to the final customer.

retail price index (RPI) (GB) or consumer price index (CPI) (US) - indices of inflation, weighted averages which measure the cost of essential goods and services.

retail price maintenance (RPM) - when manufacturers can enforce a particular price for their products, and prevent retailers reducing it.

retained earnings - profits that are not distributed to shareholders but reinvested or ploughed back (GB) or plowed back (US).

return on investment (ROI) - the amount earned in direct proportion to the capital invested.

return on sales or profit margin - sales revenue minus all operating expenses divided by the number of sales.

revaluation - the increase in the fixed exchange rate of a currency.

revenue - see income.

revenue principle or realization principle - revenue is realized at the moment when goods are sold (or change hands) or when services are rendered.

rights issue - new shares issued by a company and offered to existing shareholders at less than their market price.

rise - an increase or upward movement; an increase in salary (US: a raise in salary).

risk - the possibility of loss; the amount that one may lose when investing.

risk capital - see venture capital.

roll over - to renew a loan when it matures, to delay paying it back.

royalty, royalties - money paid to copyright owners and authors.

running yield - see flat yield.

safe(ty) deposit box - a secure box in a bank where customers can keep valuable objects.

salary - a fixed regular payment made by employers, usually monthly, for professional or office work.

sales analysis - the measurement and evaluation of actual sales, and their comparison with sales goals and targets.



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