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You can use options to fit with your perceptions of the market: some strategies explained.

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sales force - collective term for a company's salespersons (US) or salespeople (GB).

sales representative or sales rep or salesman or salesperson - someone who contacts existing and potential customers, and tries to persuade them to buy goods or services.

sales tax - a tax on goods and services, a percentage of the retail price.

save - to keep money for the future, rather than spending it by consuming goods.

savings and loan association or "thrift" - the nearest American equivalent to the British building societies.

savings function - a Keynesian term relating the level of saving and the level of income.

scarcity - a shortage of something; insufficient supply to meet demand.

scrip issue - see bonus issue.

seasonal unemployment - exists in trades or occupations where work fluctuates according to the time of year.

SEC - the Securities and Exchange Commission, which supervises American stock exchanges.

secondary market - a market on which second-hand bearer shares and bonds can be freely traded by their first and subsequent owners.

secondary sector of the economy - manufacturing industry, in which raw materials are processed or transformed into finished products.

securities - saleable papers, traded on stock exchanges, that yield an income (dividend, interest, etc.).

securitization - the process of selling packages of bank debts to third party investors as bonds.

selling price - total cost (unit cost plus overheads and "risk reward") plus profit.

separate-entity principle or accounting-entity assumption - a business is taken to be an accounting unit separate from its owners, creditors, etc.

service (a debt) - to make regular interest payments.

services - activities offered for sale to customers, (advice, transport, banking, insurance, restaurants, hotel rooms, etc.)

settle - to pay a debt or bill or account.

share (GB) or stock (US) - a security representing a portion of the nominal capital of a company.

shareholder (GB) or stockholder (US) - the owner of a share or stock.



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