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You can use leverage techniques to increase the return of your portfolio: definitions and dangers.

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stabilizers - automatic mechanisms that counteract the effects of the business cycle.

stag - person who buys new share issues, hoping to resell them at a profit if the issue is oversubscribed.

stagflation - the combination of stagnation and rising inflation, a development in the 1970s which classical economic theory could not account for.

stagnant - describes an economy that is not growing, but remaining in a state of recession.

stake - see holding.

stakeholder - a person with money invested in a business.

standard cost accounting - takes a pre-determined cost and applies it to all goods, whether sold or unsold.

standard of living - the amount of goods and services that people can afford to buy with their income.

standard operating procedures - a firm's established methods for recording business transactions.

standing order - an instruction to a bank to pay fixed sums of money to certain people at stated times.

statement - a document listing amounts of money owing or owed.

sticky (of prices and wages, etc.) - inflexible, slow to react to changes in supply and demand.

stimulate - to boost or increase economic activity.

stock - US equivalent of the British word "share", and in Britain a block of shares with a nominal value of 100, or various kinds of fixed-interest securities; in Britain, goods stored ready for sale, raw materials, work in progress and finished but unsold products (US-. inventory).

stockbroker - a member of the stock exchange who can advise investors and buy and sell shares for them.

stock dividend or stock split - US names for new shares issued to shareholders instead of a dividend.

stock exchange - an organized market for the issue of new securities and the exchange of second-hand ones.

stock option - away of remunerating and motivating executives, by allowing them to purchase stock in the future at a fixed market price.

stocktaking - the practice of counting, checking and listing all the assets held in a shop or warehouse.



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