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straight line method of depreciation - charges an equal sum each year, calculated by dividing the original cost by the number of years of expected useful life.

strike price - see exercise price.

structural surplus or deficit - the result of deliberate government policy: an increase or decrease of spending or taxation.

structural unemployment - occurs when the skills of available workers do not match the jobs vacant.

subsidiary - a company partly or wholly owned by a holding company or a parent company.

subsidy - money given to producers who are unable to produce at market price, or who provide services that are socially necessary but unprofitable.

subsistence wages - the minimum that allows workers to buy food, clothes, and shelter, but no more.

substitution effect of higher prices - consumers substitute other goods for those whose prices have risen.

substitution effect of higher wages - means that people are tempted to work longer hours.

supplier - any person or business that sells materials or goods or other resources to producers of goods or services.

supply - the willingness and ability to offer goods and services for sale.

supply-side theory - belief that economic policy should concentrate on aggregate supply (or potential output).

surplus - an excess of income over expenditure, or something left over and not required.

sustainable growth - increase in real per capita income, GNP, etc. (i.e. growth that does not generate inflation).

syndicates - sec Lloyd's.

synergy - the working together of two companies, etc. to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their individuel effects.

takeover - the acquisition of one company by another.

takeover bid - the attempt to gain control of a company by offering to buy its shares at a higher price than the market price during a limited period.

target - a goal or result aimed at.

target pricing - setting a price to meet a target rate of return on total costs at an estimated sales volume.

tariff - a tax charged on imports.



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