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taxation - the transfer of money from individuals and companies to finance government expenditure.

tax accounting - calculating an individual's or a company's liabilities for tax.

tax avoidance - the practice of reducing tax liabilities to a minimum by legal means.

tax deductible - describes business expenses, donations to charity, etc. that can be subtracted from taxable income.

tax evasion - the practice of making false tax declarations (which is of course illegal).

tax haven - a financial center offering low taxes to non-residents, in which multinational companies are encouraged to set up offices.

tax loss - a way of avoiding taxation by bringing forward capital expenditure into a tax year.

tax shelter - a way of reducing or postponing taxation, by spending income on a pension plan, a life insurance policy, etc.

tendering or competitive bidding - making an offer for a contract, without knowing what price competitors are offering.

tertiary sector of the economy - services, including commerce, marketing, banking, communications, transport, health care, education, etc.

third party insurance - see liability insurance.

thrift - see savings and loan association.

tight money or dear money - is expansive money, when interest rates are high and loans are hard to obtain.

time and a half - overtime paid at 150% of the normal wage.

time-period principle or accounting-period assumption - financial data must be reported for particular (short) periods.

trade - to buy and sell; buying and selling.

trade barriers - ways of restricting the amount of imports.

trade cycle - see business cycle.

trade discount - price charged by manufactures to wholesalers, and wholesalers to retailers, obviously below the retail price.

trade-off - an exchange between two variables, such as quick sales and long-term growth, or unemployment and inflation.

trader - person or organization that earns money by buying goods, commodities, securities, etc. and selling them at a profit.



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