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trade terms or terms of trade or terms of payment - conditions of payment: when goods have to be paid for, in what way, at what price, etc.

trade union (GB) or labor union (US) - association of employees that negotiates with employers to improve its members' incomes and working conditions.

tranche - a segment of a capital issue offered for sale on a particular date; an installment.

transaction - a single business deal; a sale or purchase; or the crediting or debiting of an account.

transactions velocity of the circulation of money - the number of times each unit of money is spent during a given period.

transfer pricing - practice of multinational companies of selling components from a high tax country to a subsidiary in a low tax one at an artificially low price.

traveling salesman - see commercial traveler.

Treasury - British and American name for the government's economic and finance ministry.

Treasury bill - a short-term (three-month) bill sold by the government to commercial banks, usually to regulate the money supply.

Treasury bonds - in America, long-term government bonds.

Treasury stock - in America, stock that a company has bought back from the public.

trial balance - a test to see whether all the debits and credits in a set of account books match.

trough - the lowest point on the business cycle, from which the only way to go is up.

true and fair view - what British law requires a company's accounts to give.

trust - a large combination of business organizations, possibly tending towards a monopoly.

turnover - a business's total sales revenue.

ultra-vires - an action that is "beyond the powers" of a company, as stipulated in its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

uncalled capital - that part of a company's issued capital that has not yet been paid for by shareholders.

undercapitalized - a company that does net have sufficient share-capital to support its volume of trading.



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