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variable costs - depend on the volume of output produced by a business.

venture capital or risk capital - money invested in a new business and thus open to a rather large risk of loss.

vertical integration - a company's acquisition of either its suppliers or its marketing outlets (wholesalers or retailers).

visible hand - name sometimes given to governmental spending on defense, welfare, the infrastructure, the correction of market failures, etc.

visible trade - trade in tangible goods (as opposed to services).

volatile - likely to change rapidly and often.

volume - in business, the amount of trade done in a certain period.

voluntary liquidation - when an organization chooses to stop trading, sell its assets, and pay its debts.

voluntary unemployment - exists when people choose not to work, often because they cannot find jobs that pay enough money (e.g. more than social security benefits).

voting shares - those categories of shares that give their holders the right to vote at companies' AGMs.

voucher - a receipt or document that supports or proves an item in an account.

wage or wages - money earned for an hour's or day's or week's work (by shop and factory workers, etc.).

wage/price spiral - the situation in which inflation leads trade unions to demand wage increases which leads producers to raise their prices, and so on.

Wall Street - the popular name for the New York Stock Exchange, or for all the financial institutions in and around this street.

warehouse - a large building in which goods are stored by producers or wholesalers.

warehousing - storing goods in warehouses; in finance, using other people to buy shares prior to a takeover bid.

warrant - a security issued at the same time as a bond, giving the holder the right to buy the same company's equities at a given price from a certain date.

warranty - another word for a guarantee.

wasting assets - those which are gradually exhausted in production and cannot be replaced.

wealth - the stock of money or goods that a person or country possesses.



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